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The Ultimate Source™ is a faith-based personal development system that teaches practical application of essential life skills by creating a deeper personal connection to God & His Word.

The purpose of The Ultimate Source™ is to equip you to live the life God designed you to live.

Develop a relationship with God that is profoundly personal!

Experience the power of God’s presence in your life!

Discover the depths of God’s unconditional love for you!

Discover Your Designer, Follow His Voice and be transformed to Live for His Glory!


The Ultimate Source will help you:

  • Focus on 12 Life Areas – 1 per month for 12 months
  • Navigate through the process of change
  • Discover and live out your goals, dreams, passion & purpose
  • Become an effective listener & communicator
  • Take simple daily action steps that will move you forward
  • Identify & move past old wounds & challenges that sabotage growth


What will I learn?

The Ultimate Source will equip you to overcome these 6 common Challenge Areas™:

Fear                                         Stress                                       Procrastination

Negative Self-Talk                   Toxic People                            Toxic Distractions

The Ultimate Source will empower you to turn your energy away from the Challenge Areas™

and instead focus on the 12 Life Areas™:

Spirituality & Faith: Using God’s Word to transform your life
Relationships: Connecting & effectively communicating with self & others
Gratitude & Attitude: Developing a grateful attitude; Retraining the brain & overcoming negative thought patterns
Curiosity & Learning: Engaging child-like wonder; Pursuing knowledge & wisdom to enrich your life
Nutrition & Water: Nourishing your body; Designing your own personal wellness story
Goals & Organization: Planning and living a priority-driven life
Rest & Relaxation: Being still & content; Having fun; Sleeping peacefully
Movement: Moving your body & life forward everyday; Building momentum in your personal & professional life
Balance & Fulfillment: Living through your senses; Taking in all life has to offer
Passion & Purpose: Discovering & living out your God-given design
Service & Giving Back: Impacting others by paying it forward; Taking care of yourself so you can care for others
Adventure: Getting out of your comfort zone; Trying new experiences


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“Kathrine Lee is a dynamic communicator, dear woman of God, and beautiful friend. She has an amazing ability to lead and cheer people on to become who God designed them to be by communicating life changing principles wrapped in God’s truth. Kathrine Lee is changing the world one life at a time.”
Lysa TerKeurst – President of Proverbs 31 Ministries


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