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When you purchase any resource below, a portion of the proceeds will go to Pure Hope Foundation, raising awareness & mobilizing action against the human trafficking industry.

The Ultimate Source (US) Journal is one that women everywhere will look forward to writing in every day. It establishes a framework that you can apply to your life based on the Spirit lead Ultimate Source Program founded by Kathrine Lee. The US journal was created with the vision of helping women heal, grow and experience God working in their lives each day. It is a powerful tool, which incorporates the 12 Life Giving Areas of The Ultimate Source in a real and practical way. This journal will assist you in living a life of balance, joy, discovery and fulfillment. Co-create your life with God by using this powerful and meaningful tool.

When you purchase this journal, you will receive via email an exclusive four-part coaching series from Kathrine Lee on how to get the most out of life through this journaling experience.

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Listen to Kathrine Lee give an overview of the Ultimate Source Journal.

100% of the proceeds from TUS Journal sales are donated to Pure Hope Foundation $39.95 + $3.30 Tax + $6.55 Shipping (US and Canada) We will contact you to discuss shipping international orders received.

Courageous Women of FaithCourageous Women of Faith includes compelling stories from Christian women who share messages of hope and encouragement in the face of intense adversity. Authors highlight tough issues of depression, autism, divorce, grief, abortion, and cancer; along with messages of forgiveness, redemption, faith, and victory. You will hear from Kathrine Lee, Melissa Quayle, Amber Hatcher-Weaver, Jana Shelburne-Brown, Joyce Carrell, Robin Raney and Ann White along with Kathy Crockett.

100% of the proceeds from book sales are donated to Pure Hope Foundation


The Ultimate Source™12 CD Audio Training Set
This exclusive set includes 12 Core Teaching audio CDs  – 1 for each of the 12 Life Areas™ (approx. 60 min each). These live trainings, recorded by Kathrine Lee, cover the Core teaching in each Life Area™ plus a bonus question and answer sessions with a live audience.  (Corresponding pdf handouts will be sent in an email after order is placed.)

VIP Special: $87 (Reg. $99)
12 Life Areas™:
* Spirituality & Faith            * Curiosity & Learning
* Relationships                   * Movement
* Goals & Organization       * Nutrition & Water
* Balance & Fulfillment       * Rest & Relaxation
* Gratitude & Attitude         * Passion & Purpose
* Service & Giving Back      * Adventure

The Source™ 12 CD Audio Training Set
The Source Audio CDsThis CD set includes approx 60 minutes of teaching in each of the 12 Life Areas™. As the Source is a value-based personal development system, the principles will mirror those in The Ultimate Source™ but without the biblical perspective. These were recorded from tele-conference teachings with Kathrine Lee and include question and answer sessions with a live audience.  (Corresponding pdf handouts will be sent in an email after order is placed.)

VIP Special: $87  (Reg. $99)

 The Ultimate Source™ Worship CD
Worhsip CDSinger & Songwriter, David Edwards was commissioned to write and produce 12 worship songs exclusively for The Ultimate Source™. Each song speaks specifically to one of the 12 Life Areas™. This CD is sure to open your heart to more of the Life-Giving Worship God so graciously invites us to engage in. These songs cannot be found anywhere else and are exclusively for Ultimate Source™ participants.

VIP Special: $12  (Reg. $15)


Custom Handmade Signs inspired by Kathrine Lee for The Ultimate Source
The Artistic Word – Etsy
Proceeds from the sale of this art goes to help fund Rescue & Host Homes for young girls & women who have been exploited in the human trafficking industry. We also support the revitalization & education of the advocates who rescue them. These programs provide the girls, women & advocates with a safe haven to live while addressing whole-person healing needed to live an abundant life.

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