"I have to be honest, I used to think a relationship with God was boring or something to be feared. Since connecting to the Ultimate Source, I now view that relationship through love, grace and FUN. Who would have thought!?!"

- Katie S.

"I am closer to my children because of your system. I have never felt more close to my family!"

- Amy Y.

"I am thankful for that fact that I feel like it’s always there for me. God has blessed me so much through it."

- Vadia W.

"The Source really helped me understand how to keep my life in balance yet somehow be more productive. I love it."

- Jenni L.

"I am a better listener since connecting with your system! This has affected me in such a positive way in my business and my personal life. It is the best thing I’ve ever done!"

- Sharon H.

"My business has grown so much since being a part of The Source. More importantly, I find I am more productive while experiencing more peace at the same time, which I didn’t think was possible before connecting to your system. THANKS!"

– Deni B.

"I finally learned to forgive. That has changed my life. Never stop sharing the principles of The Source!"

– Donna C.

"I am no longer encumbered by the past! Thank you!"

– Marlene C.

"I have always been afraid of goals but because of the perspective you give in The Ultimate Source, I am not only writing goals, but accomplishing them!"

– Lisa M.

"I used to compulsively overeat and now I am understand how to “fill up” on other things and change my thinking. After years of struggle, I finally feel free."

– Laura M.

"I have learned through The Ultimate Source HOW I can renew my mind. I always heard Romans 12:2 but never knew how the brain works or to apply that truth in my life. I finally understand and my life has changed because of that. Thank you!"

- Joel R.

"I feel like I have a personal mentor when I connect to the system. It is so personal no matter what learning platform you chose to use."

- JoAnne R.

"Because of connection in The Source, I get that I can tell my brain what to do, not let my thoughts control me. Please keep doing what you’re doing!"

- Lara M.

"This system has impacted my life so powerfully; it is hard to put into words. All I know is I have completely transformed."

– Maria M.

"I feel like the Source staff really understands and I am not going through this journey alone."

- Bobbie B.

"The Source is like a map for me. I know where to go when I feel overwhelmed or when I want to enhance my life."

- Maryann F.

"I can finally communicate in any situation. I no long react in emotion, but respond with the right tone, with the right words, in the right timing."

– Lisa B.

"Before the Source I was always too wrapped up in my issues to see anything clearly. The Source has given me clarity and focus on what is good so I can focus on growing and thriving."

– Ben B.

"You bring so much more to topics than I expected. I thought I knew about gratitude until I experienced what you had to teach on the subject. The same is true on all topics!"

- Laura M.

"I also love the structure of The Source, taking one life area and being intentional within that area for 30 days. It is also a tremendous benefit to be coached and guided on each life area. The beauty of The Source is that when doing life all these areas interlace with each other so by the end of the year the results are amazing."

– V. Brown

"The Source has made me more aware of the power I have to create and choose my environment. There are still 24 hours in a day but the Source has made me feel I have filled those hours consciously with what I enjoy. The Source has simply helped me take any negative feelings or thoughts and instantly turn them into a positive feeling, simply by reviewing the 12 source life areas."

- P. Tresselt

“One of the best aspects of participating in The Source Program was getting clear about my passion and purpose then writing my mission statement. In a busy life, this and focusing on The Source Life Areas has helped me know better what to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to. I am less stressed and more balanced in the way I respond to relationships and life.”

- T. Bellavance

“I never gave myself credit for anything. I was always focusing on what I didn’t get done, what I didn’t think I knew or what I didn’t do well enough. Because of going through the Source program, I no longer do that. Thank you – it’s been a wonderful experience!”

- M. Crystal

“The Source has made me more consciously aware of the choices I'm daily making in all of the body/life training areas and how they can be interlocked together as I strive to more fully live my life out loud. The more I gave my focus to the 12 life areas & took daily steps, the more I enjoyed the process and unfolding of my own personal growth. It also helped to identify the areas that were weak or in need of my attention to apply more daily focus to. I highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to expand their experiences in fully living life!"

- S. Hines

"As a result of participating in this program, I now know my mission, have a clear vision of the future, lead a more balanced, focused life, have deeper relationships and most importantly, I am having fun and enjoying the journey of becoming all that I was created to be.”

- C. Watson, RN, ND

"I didn’t work on The Ultimate Source, the Ultimate Source worked on me! I just connected, and the rest just seemed to happen!"

– B. Withers

"I didn’t just grow – I flourished!"

- K. Jones

“I wanted to let you know that I just received my career Performance Evaluation. Part of my performance evaluation is personal development. I put down The Source as my personal development tool. The company gave me an "exceeds" on my evaluation! Thank you.”

- K. Bennett

“With a background in traditional therapies, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I committed to the Source program. It has been one of the most powerful programs I have ever encountered because it is not suggesting a quick fix, or an easy solution, but an on-going experience that become integrated into every day thinking. The Source provides tools for living a more powerful life and touches every aspect of how we relate. Benefits too numerous to list but this has impacted my personal relationships, the quality of my business relationships and has given me a better understanding of who I am.”

- A. Hicks, M.A

“On behalf of DIRECTV, I would like to thank you. The response to your message was overwhelmingly positive. The style was warm, inspirational and educational. It provided simple, yet profound steps we can take toward a healthier lifestyle. It was not just a list of to-do’s, but information that enabled each person in the room to take what was taught and apply it in their own lives. Thank you for gifting DIRECTV with this amazing program.”

-Toby Berlin, Vice President, Programming Acquisitions DIRECTV

"Kathrine Lee is a dynamic communicator, dear woman of God, and beautiful friend. She has an amazing ability to lead and cheer people on to become who God designed them to be. By communicating life changing principles wrapped in God's truth through the Ultimate Source, Kathrine Lee is changing the world one life at a time."

- Lysa TerKeurst, New York Times bestselling author of "Made to Crave" & "Unglued," Woman of Faith speaker and President of Proverbs 31 Ministries.

"Kathrine Lee is a huge inspiration to my leadership in her coaching and materials that make up the Source and now the Ultimate Source. Every time I have contact with her I get inspired all over again! I highly recommend Kathrine as a must go to resource for all leaders and those who aspire to leadership."

- Dr. Hans Finzel, President and CEO of World Venture and author of the best seller, "The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make."